It will be awhile before the garden looks like this but I finally got a start this last week.

Hard to believe that plants and seeds are just now being planted. The last several years it was late March or early April when my garden would go in. As of today I still have two of my raised beds to wake up from winter.

After a record setting month of snowfall in April and the ground being so cool there are many like myself who are getting a late start.

What is in the garden this year? Peppers, broccoli and eight different kinds of tomatoes. So far.

This week’s plan is to mow the lawn for the second time. Then turn my last two boxes for zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, lettuce and peas.

And yes that cucumber castle will be the grand focal piece of the backyard.

Beans? Not anymore. Too much bending over for long periods of time.