Is there anything better than a stroll through the flower garden taking in the beauty and the fresh air. Ahhh...

Wait, what is that smell??

That, my friend, is the Titan Arum, better known as a 'Corpse Flower'. Never heard of a Corpse Flower? Well, if you got near one when this lovely lady is in bloom, you'd know it.

As it turns out, this is the perfect time for the blooming of the 'Corpse Flower', this time of year when we're heading into Halloween. Now, you won't find it over in the neighbors backyard garden. Nope, this sweetheart is native to Sumatra's equatorial rainforests, but there is one at Dartmouth College's greenhouse.

And while it doesn't bloom every year, it sure has bloomed this season. It's blooming full and in all its stinky glory!

So why is it called a 'Corpse Flower'?

Well, the, ah, aroma around the plant has been described as akin to rotting flesh...a decaying animal...even soiled baby diapers.

Not exactly the place to want to go on a first date for lunch.

If you want to take in the sight (and smell), you'll have to hurry. It's expected to fully bloom next week and then for a limited number of days. That's when it will be at its stinky best. So get a whiff, try not to gag, and have a great day!

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