I'm not positive that is actually an active problem right here, right now,  in our burgeoning metropolis of Sioux Falls. Judging by what I've seen at my local stores and garden departments, which I began perusing as soon as they opened, there isn't a scarcity issue here.

But that doesn't mean it couldn't happen soon. There certainly could be a run on gnomes any minute!

Now at my house, I'm never short on gnomes. (See what I did there? You know, gnomes, by and large, are very short and. . .Oh, never mind!) I probably have around 8 that I put out every summer. In any case, my sisters and I fell in love with gnomes back in the 70s when a book all about gnomes was published.

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We almost immediately began collecting gnomes of all sorts; gnome Christmas ornaments, gnome statuary, gnome t-shirts, you gnome it, we bought it. (Okay then, see what I did there. . .? No? Nothing? Man, tough crowd!)

Anyway, the truth of the matter is that ever since that gigantic cargo ship was stranded in the Suez Canal, the supply of garden gnomes has been in jeopardy, due to the fact that the raw materials used to make them got stuck in the supply chain.

Over in the UK where garden gnomes are likely more popular than the queen, there has apparently been a run on them. One garden store assistant manager said that due to the COVID-19 lockdowns there has been a boom in gnome sales and other gardening supplies. He indicated that they had not seen a gnome in their store for months.

Well, of course not - - they're invisible and hide under toadstools. Sheesh, everybody knows that!

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