A few years ago our garden was planted the first week of April. We've had such a roller-coaster spring this year with cold weather and even frost that many gardeners have held off planting tender veggies. At 6:30 AM this morning the temp was 32 degrees. Let's hope this is the end of that.

"Gardner’s to your raised beds. Ready, set, plant." Now that my neighbor has tilled my large box, that's my cue to get my hands dirty. A time of year that I just love. Tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, beans oh-my!

Not having the indoor space to grow from seed, I purchase plants for my garden. Five varieties of tomatoes, four kinds of peppers and when it comes to cucumbers only the Burpless will do. You know, the long skinny kind. Why? Because that's the only kind my wife will eat.

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You may take pride in one certain part of your garden. For me, all of it gets equal TLC. But tomatoes are my pride & joy. Why? Because when I stand in the middle of ten vertical cages you won't be able to find me.

For those of you who have had challenges with your garden plants, try the vertical method. Let your plants reach for the sky. The benefits are obvious. Saving space and the fruit is off the ground.

Want to save watering? Top your garden with a good layer of grass clippings. WARNING: If your lawn has been fertilized before you mow, don't use those clippings.

Come on, let's get our hands dirty.

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