So much for remaining anonymoose...

This guy was spotted on Highway 75 (Kniss Ave) last night around 11:30 in Luverne, Minnesota. Is it possible he was doing some after-hours trick or treating?

It's definitely out of the ordinary for a Moose to be spotted this far south, especially in the middle of a town. But it's not unprecedented, In fact another moose sighting took place just a few weeks ago in Lennox. Could it be the same one? It's certainly possible.

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Take a look at the video of the moose on the loose, courtesy of Quality Printing in Luverne:

Over on the Quality Printing Facebook, folks had a mixed reaction to the moose sighting:

A sight to behold in Luverne, MN



I hope he doesn't get hurt!



Those dang trick or treaters don't know when to quit in Luverne!


Obviously spotting a moose is a rare occurrence in southwest Minnesota. The large animals are quite prevalent in the northern part of the state, but anytime one is spotted this far south, it causes quite the ruckus.

Let's hope for the moose's sake that he finds his way back up north, because, honestly, the animal is not adapted to live in this part of Minnesota and could face a harsh winter if it doesn't migrate toward its native environment.

No word on where the moose may be now, but rest assured, if it's spotted anywhere in the near area soon, someone will be putting the video on the internet as quickly as they can.

Story Source: Quality Printing of Luverne Facebook Page

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