As the weather warms up each spring, we all know it's not if, but when we'll start to see our travels disrupted by major construction projects on the area's interstate highways.

We now know where one of the first traffic headaches will be.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is about to launch a $22.4 million project that will impact drivers on Interstate 90. It will involve new concrete, the extension of outside ramp shoulders for truck parking, guardrail repair, and improved drainage with the cleaning, repair, and replacement of culverts and pipes.

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I-90 Construction
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Phase one of the construction will reduce traffic to one lane in each direction from east of Beaver Creek to the South Dakota border.

During the first stage of the project, the eastbound on and off-ramps at Minnesota Highway 23 (Mile Marker 1) will be closed, as will the eastbound Beaver Creek Rest Area located west of the South Dakota border.

Stage two will reduce traffic to a single lane in each direction in the eastbound lanes from the South Dakota border to Rock County 11, just west of Luverne.

During that time, the on and off-ramps at Rock County Highway 6 (Mile Marker 5) will be closed for paving for one week. Officials say the ramps will be open during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

During the final stage of construction, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction from the South Dakota border to just east of Luverne.

Construction is expected to be completed in November.

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