Back in the day, it was common to see a station wagon with a Christmas tree tied to the roof.  Today, it's most likely an SUV or pickup hauling the tree home.

According to AAA, 84 million Americans plan to buy a live Christmas tree.  For some, the challenge comes in how to get the tree home safely.

Vehicle damage can occur from an improperly secured Christmas tree, such as scratched paint or torn door seals.

AAA says 20% will tie the tree to a vehicle without using a roof rack and 24% will haul their tree in a pickup bed unsecured.

16% of people buying a live tree have previously experienced a Christmas tree falling off or out of their vehicle during transport.

Previous research from AAA found that road debris, that includes improperly secured trees, caused more than 200,000 crashes during a four-year period, resulting in approximately 39,000 injuries and 500 deaths.

AAA suggests the following Christmas tree transportation safety tips:

  • Use the right vehicle.  Your Schwinn probably won't work.
  • Use quality tie downs.  Shoestrings, no.
  • Protect the tree with netting or rope.
  • Protect your vehicle's finish with an old blanket.
  • Point the tree's trunk towards the front.
  • Tie it down; secure the tree at its bottom, center, and top.
  • Give it the tug test.
  • Drive slowly and easily and take the back roads, if possible.

Now, how do you protect the tree from your curious cat?  That's a different story.

Source: AAA

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