Every year a prayer is said when I pull out the box and unravel our Christmas tree. Please let all the lights work. Don't shame me for an artificial tree, you know you want one and have been threatening to make the move. You reach a certain point in your life when traditions change.

This year our 3-section tree gave us a surprise. Before connecting the sections together, I plugged them in to make sure all the lights were good. Yep, 1,200 bright white lights illuminating.

That was until I started to spread each branch out to make the tree look as natural as possible.

Section one, the lower part with the most lights mounted, fluffed, and ready for section two. Crap! All of a sudden the whole string is dark. Okay, moving on, section two mounted, fluffed, and working. Then comes the top, same procedure and all is good to the tip.

Now what to do with the lower section.  I begin by checking each light. After the first 25, forget that.

The solution was to string another strand over and around the bottom. Score!

The first week in January we will be donating this tree. With new lights.

Merry Christmas!

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Falls Park Winter Wonderland 2020

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