In a scene from one of my favorite movies, Christmas Vacation, a squirrel is found hiding in the Christmas tree and winds up wreaking havoc on the Griswald house. Thankfully the same thing didn't happen when a woman in Australia came home to find a koala bear peeking out from her tree.

In a story first found on Dakota News Now, an Australian woman came home to find the adorable looking marsupial hanging off her Christmas tree like the biggest ornament you've ever seen. When she noticed the wild animal, she called a local koala rescue organization (yes, those exist in Australia) and they were able to safely remove the koala from the home.

1300 Koalaz is a charity organization that helps koalas that are injured or in distress. It's a big issue in the land down under, as current estimates show there are as little as 40,000 koalas left in the wild.

In the Instagram post below, the organization explains how they thought the call from the woman was a prank at first, but once they understood the seriousness of the situation, they took immediate action. They also said the koala is currently happily climbing an outside tree nearby these days.

Story Souce: Daktoa News Now

Story Source: 1300 Koalaz

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