My wife and I have an old cat that loves to mess with our Christmas tree.  As much as we try to block off access to the tree, she finds a way to weasel in there and plays with it, because that's what cats do.

I found an article from that offers some suggestions on how your cat and Christmas tree can get along, or at least tolerate each other.

Feline Deterrent Strategies

Spray a diluted vinegar solution onto the base of the tree, or apply hot sauce or camphor; all of which are distasteful to cats.  The repellent scent will eventually fade and will need to be reapplied regularly.

Use Obstacles to Separate Christmas Trees and Cats

Surround the tree with a barricade or objects, like a cat pen, to obstruct access to the Christmas tree.  Try aluminum foil or double-sided tape, materials that cats cannot dig their claws into, around the bottom of the tree.

Use the Proper Tree Base

When choosing the type of tree stand you will use, try to find one that has a covered water reservoir, or use something like aluminum foil or plastic wrap, to cover the reservoir so your cat cannot get into the water.

Stabilizing the Tree and Securing Ornaments

Heavier stands make it more difficult to topple the tree.  Try tethering the tree to the wall or ceiling using fishing line and hooks.  When hanging ornaments, make sure to close the end of the hook so that the ornament cannot slip off.

Christmas Light Safety

Lights placed on the tree should be unplugged at night, and when they are plugged in, check them periodically to make sure they do not have any frayed or otherwise damaged areas, which occurs when cats chew on the wiring.

Cats and Christmas Tree Tinsel

Tinsel and angel hair can be deadly for a cat.  Giving up tinsel is required if you want to stay out of the veterinary emergency room. Ingested tinsel will lead to fatal intestinal obstructions and/or choking.

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