Tim Tebow is a 2x national champion, first-round NFL draft pick, author, and businessman. He stopped by the Bobby Bones Show to talk about his newest book and share why he keeps writing, where he hopes to be in the next 10 to 15 years, and why all those years ago he chose to play for the Florida Gators.

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Tebow has put out several New York Times best-selling books, and he continues to keep writing. His most recent book Mission Possible: Go Create A Life That Counts was written to inspire people. He shared a study that shows over 60% of young people don't think anyone believes in them and 1/3 of the entire population always feels lonely. Because of those studies, Tebows believes that if so many people are feeling that way then people are likely not going to follow their dreams or feel inspired to do the things they should be doing.

Some of the stories within the book are inspired by his friends in real life. One of the stories is about the Davidsons, where he shares a story about the family and how both the husband and son were in the hospital at the same time, but the wife/mother never gave up. The book also shares messages about God. He hopes to communicate his beliefs not just through words, but through actions and deeds.

 While he was on the show for his book, Tebow is one of those athletes that so many people know. Especially when it comes to the Florida area as he played for the Florida Gators. He admitted that it has happened to him where people pick up his tabs when he's eating dinner in Florida. Some people come up to him to say thank you, while others buy his dinner anonymously as a thank you.
Tebow shared that when it came down to picking a school to play for, Alabama was actually leading the entire time. He loved everything about the school, especially the coaches and the school's traditions. Florida wasn't in any of his top 25 picks, but when Florida went through the entire coaching change, he got close to the new coaching staff and things changed. After choosing Florida over Alabama, Tebow admitted he regretted his decision a bit. Though obviously everything worked out for the best.

As for what's in store for Tebow in the next 10 to 15 years, he shared that there is a possibility of coaching. There is also a possibility of getting into politics, but he's not sure he would enjoy it. Though he's still open to the idea if he feels like he can do the best through the opportunity. Within the next few months, Tebow also has a children's book coming out.

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