Everyone has heard about the supposed benefits of drinking red wine. If not, experts claim that drinking red wine in moderation may help to reduce forgetfulness, boost immunity, prevent bone loss, help keep the heart healthy and possibly even help with weight loss. If losing weight is on your list of something you want to accomplish in 2016 but you aren't much of a wine drinker, maybe try switching your alcoholic beverage of choice to say......tequila?

According to a study done by researchers with the American Chemical Society (ACS), natural sugars found in the plant that makes tequila have been found to lower blood glucose levels for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes and also help people lose weight.

The study says that the natural sugars, known as agavins, are non-digestible -  meaning they won't raise your blood sugar and also act as a sort of dietary fiber.

To test these natural sugars, researchers fed mice a standard diet, but added agavins to their water. The results showed that the mice - with added agavins - ate less and had lower blood sugar levels than the mice who didn't get the added agavins in their water. The researchers also noticed that the "agavin mice" produced a hormone called GLP-1, which helped keep their stomachs full for a longer period of time and produce insulin. Because of the insulin production, researchers believe that agavins would be good for people with type 2 diabetes or people that have weight loss issues.

This study isn't your hall-pass to start mixing up pitchers of margaritas, but it just may be your go-ahead to take part in that round of tequila shots with your friends - and not feel guilty about it.

Source: Latin Times

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