It was a tough loss for one South Dakota State University alum on primetime television.

It's hard enough when you are rejected by a potential love interest in private. It's different when you're putting your heart out there for the entire world to see. It's just embarrassing. Unfortunately, this was the case for former football Jackrabbit Bryan Witzmann during the season premiere of The Bachelorette.

Bryan was one of 30 gentlemen included in Minnesota native Michelle Young's season. This former NFL athlete tried to steal the Minnesota teacher's heart. However, he did not receive a passing grade in this lesson.

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Elite Daily is reporting that Bryan was one of the seven eligible bachelors eliminated night one during the 18th season premiere of The Bachelorette. Simply put: Bryan and Michelle did not have a strong connection. To be fair, it's tough to form a relationship with someone during a limited amount of time.  Bryan just did not make a solid effort to get to know Michelle. However, he did come into the popular reality show with a game plan.

Bryan shared on his story on his Instagram account after the episode aired. The original idea was to give Michelle a jar of homemade maple syrup. Apparently, Bryan said the purpose of the jar of maple syrup was to showcase how important his family is.  Despite losing to "an apple and a guy who says 'Bunogiorno,' " Bryan appears to be in good spirits.

@witz76 (via Instagram)
@witz76 (via Instagram)

On the bright side, at least he did not get engaged after knowing someone for only a few days...maybe less (kidding). Then again, Bryan put himself out there and not a lot of people have that type of courage.

Love will find this Jackrabbit one day, just not on national television.

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