The NFL offseason is here, and teams are making plans for their future at a multitude of positions. There is a ton of quarterback talk these days from Aaron Rodgers to Deshaun Watson, and I'll tell you one free agent signal-caller who could have a big impact on a new team this offseason: Mitchell Trubisky.

Yes, Mitchell Trubisky. He had a very quiet season in 2021 backing up MVP-candidate Josh Allen in Buffalo, and some say it is exactly what he needed after a tumultuous career in Chicago.

Trubisky, who will be just 28 at the beginning of next season, threw just 8 passes in 2021, and spent a ton of time learning from a young star in Josh Allen.

2017 NFL Draft
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The now 6th-year product out of North Carolina came with high hopes and a high pick to the Chicago Bears back in 2017. After a strong first two seasons which included a 12-4 overall regular-season record in 2018, things fell off the rails. Since the imfamous 'double doink' loss to the Eagles in the playoffs that season, Trubisky and the Bears haven't been the same.

Clearly Trubisky wasn't the entire problem in Chicago during his tenure, as both the GM and Head Coach have been relieved of their duties as of late.

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I'm here to tell you that Trubisky might be a relatively hot name, and a good value this offseason for the right team. There are very few superstar QBs out there, and Trubisky surely isn't one of them. But in the right situation, he could be the reliable off the bench backup, or someone that could push for a starting gig again.

Over his career, the former Tarheel has posted a 29-21 overall record, which includes 64 touchdowns to 38 interceptions. For as up-and-down as his time in Chicago was, those numbers are pretty solid.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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There are several potential landing spots that make sense this offseason, from Pittsburgh to Miami, and from Houston to Jacksonville. He was a cheap insurance policy this past season in Buffalo (1 year, 2.5 million dollar deal), and I'd expect him to draw more money this offseason in a similar role, or one where he can vie for starting reps once again.

Source: Spotrac

Stats: Pro Football Reference



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