Thus far this NFL season, there have been plenty of surprises. There are a total of six undefeated teams remaining, three in each conference, and a total of 7 teams that have yet to earn their first win.

It's time to buy or sell each of those teams as to whether or not their record indicates who they actually will be this season.

Here are the undefeated teams and whether I'm buying into them as legit contenders as the season progresses:

Buffalo Bills - BUY. This one is the easiest team to buy into. The Bills have looked nothing short of amazing so far this season, and get it done in all three phases. Locking down last year's #1 seed Tennessee on Monday Night was a big sign that they belong.

New York Giants - SELL. As good of a story as this team is, I simply can't buy into Daniel Jones and company as a long term contender for a playoff spot. Brian Daboll clearly has this team pointed in the right direction, but the NFC is too competitive for the Giants to make a splash.

Philadelphia Eagles - BUY. Jalen Hurts has looked the part as the Eagles gain separation from Dallas, who many thought would compete for this division. The new offensive firepower in AJ Brown has sure helped the cause.

Kansas City Chiefs - BUY. Mahomes is back, but he never left. After an offseason filled with speculation, the former MVP and Super Bowl champ will look to continue to prove he can lead his team despite losing Tyreek Hill via trade.

Miami Dolphins - SELL. This is more of a 'need to see more' scenario. The come-from-behind win in Baltimore was special, but the fact that the team was that far behind to begin with is a concern. Tua is on a mission to silence his critics.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - BUY, cautiously. Injuries have been story of the offseason and regular season thus far. We'll get a good look at who they are this week as they welcome in Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to Tampa Bay.

Now time for a look at the winless teams:

Cincinnati Bengals - BUY. It's hard to stay on top of the league for long, but the Bengals have the tools. They haven't looked great in either game this season, but they also have been close to a 2-0 start. Don't bet against Burrow.

Carolina Panthers - SELL. Fans in Charlotte and beyond in the Carolinas have seen enough of Matt Rhule. Despite playmakers such as Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore, this team will need a deep reset this offseason.

Atlanta Falcons - SELL. They have played awfully hard through the first two games, but the talent just isn't there. There are some great young pieces on this team however, as rookie Drake London has emerged already as a solid young wideout.

Indianapolis Colts - BUY. They picked up a tie in week 1 against Houston, and got embarrassed in Week 2 against Jacksonville. The offensive line, defense, and running game make it hard to bet against this bunch to be in the fight for a division title.

Las Vegas Raiders - BUY. The expectation is that this team should compete for a division title and playoff berth. Despite the challenge of a new coach and system, I expect the Raiders to compete down the stretch.

Houston Texans - SELL. Lovie Smith just doesn't have the talent on this roster to compete. Although the division is down this year, the Texans won't be a player for the top spot later in the season.

Tennessee Titans - SELL. Something is way off here. After earning the #1 seed last season, Mike Vrabel and the Titans haven't looked the same this season. Derrick Henry has just 107 yards on the ground through two games, and will need to regain his old form for this team to have a chance.

There you have it. That's my take on the winless and undefeated teams that this stage of the 2022 season.

We'll see how it all plays about, but it sure is great to have football back.

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