The NFL season officially arrives tonight as the Los Angeles Rams take on the Buffalo Bills in LA. It's a 7:20 kickoff on NBC, and fans nationwide will be hitting the couch to witness the opening of the season with some favorite foods nearby.

A recent study by took a deep dive into the gameday favorites across the sport, and also provided some in depth information in regards to specific fan bases as well.

The study states that one food choice more than any other resonates with fans:

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...the foodie equivalent of the Vince Lombardi Trophy chosen by NFL fans are – unquestionably – chicken wings (28.6%). This will be the most consumed game day food for the new season. A favorite followed by pizza (21.8%), nachos (13.7%), burgers and sliders (13.7%). Only 1% choose fruit and sweets.

I don't think that is terribly surprising, but growing up in Wisconsin, beer brats have to be on the short list. The study says this of Packers fans:

Pittsburgh Steelers enthusiasts topped the poll for the most regular takeout diners with Green Bay Packers fans most willing to cook their homemade favorites.

Homemade, takeout, or delivery, its all great when it comes to dining and catching the big game.

For the Minnesota Vikings, here are some of their trends as a fan base:

Minnesota Vikings enthusiasts rank 6th for the biggest spenders this season. That equates to an avg. $51.70 total game day spending this year on food per person, rather than the $79.80 avg. of the biggest spender - Miami Dolphins. Pizza is the Vikings fans’ favorite game day food for the regular season.

Regardless of how you dress up your spread on gameday, football is back, and that is all that matters.

What are your game day go to's?



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