Kenny Rogers once said, The only things you really need in life are, Something to Do, Someone to Love and Something to Look Forward To. The Bobby Bones Show touched on the subject this morning when Bobby asked, What are you looking forward to. [Listen to The Bobby Bones Show weekday mornings 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Sioux Falls 99-1 AND 100.5, Kickin' Country and world wide on your FREE Kickin' Country App! 

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared things they’re looking forward to this year!

  • Amy – The unknown of where she is going to move.
  • Eddie – Two of his kids play travel basketball and the season is almost over. It’s been a cool experience, but it’s nine games every weekend they travel to different cities around the area so he’s happy to get some free time back soon.
  • Lunchbox – He’ll go on vacation somewhere this summer, but he doesn’t know where yet.
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  • Bobby Bones – He needs his shoulder to get better because the St. Louis Cardinals invited him with Too Much Access to go there and practice.
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