Hello there! At Kickin' Country, we value your feedback and want to know your music preferences. Your opinion matters to us, and we appreciate your participation in our special Kickin' Country Music Survey. As a token of our gratitude, anyone who completes the survey before July 30th will be eligible to win $150. Thank you for your time and input!
You can take the Music Survey anywhere, on any device. Just make sure you use the Market Code A10


Each music test is new. All you need to do is select NEW USER (even if you have done one before.) You will be able to leave and come back to finish the test later.

Click HERE to take the music survey
Remember you will need the Market Code: A10

Thank you for your assistance and for taking the time to help me. This activity is quite enjoyable and perhaps you could even invite your friends to participate in the test as well.

Most of all, Thanks for your time!

JD Collins

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