Weddings are a magical time for the parties involved. It is debatably the happiest day of the bride and groom's life as well as their family members who get to see their love become official in the eyes of the law. Some people don't see weddings as much of a big deal, which is fine as well. The one topic that people can't seem to get a solid answer on though is proposing at another's wedding.

We've seen it come up in news stories. A guy proposes to his girlfriend at best friend's wedding and the bride and groom were thrilled or vice versa where the bride and groom had no idea and were not happy... at all. We decided to bring the girl group of The Bobby Bones Show consisting of Amy, Morgan2 and Hillary in to decide whether or not proposing at a wedding is a good idea.

As it turns out for the girls on the show, they all said absolutely not. For the first time in the girl group, they all had the same answer. Listen below as they discuss!

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