The Krispy Kreme Challenge was created as a student-run, charity-based race to help North Carolina Children's Hospital. The point is to bring together the community in a fun environment while raising money.

The challenge is 5 miles and a dozen donuts; you run 2.5 miles, eat 12 donuts, run 2.5 miles to complete. We decided to put Eddie of The Bobby Bones show up to the challenge, except he only had to do 4 miles and 12 donuts in 1 hour on a treadmill.

We took Eddie into an indoor location for a treadmill.

Eddie started off strong by running 2.0 miles in 16 minutes. He started to slow down when he had to shovel the donuts in his mouth. He finished all of the donuts and headed back onto the treadmill.

This time, was much slower and he had about 25 minutes left to finish the last 2 miles. With a few minutes left, Eddie completed the challenge.

He decided to not keep $100 to himself and instead donated $250 to North Carolina Children's Hospital in honor of the real Krispy Kreme Challenge happening in Raleigh.

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