Bobby Bones is really trying to do more human times with his spare time. He doesn't have much free time being a full-time mentor on the latest season of American Idol and running his syndicated radio show, The Bobby Bones Show. But with the little free time he does have, he tries to go out and be 'human,' as he calls it. That means dinners with friends, concerts, going out, you name it.

Recently, Bones went out to Broadway for his first night out with Morgan2. They spent the whole night dancing at Jason Aldean's bar and they even stayed out until 3 a.m. That first outing was so fun that Bones went out for another night this past Saturday (March 9) with Morgan2 and her sister in town. They started off at Blake Shelton's bar Ole Red then went into Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge Food and Drink and then went the back way to get into Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar. Morgan2 spends most of her weekends at Aldean's bar due to the massive dance floor with the DJs.

While they were out though, Bones had to get protective of Morgan2. A guy was getting 'grabby' and trying to dance with Morgan2 when she wasn't having it. So Bones quickly came to her defense and was ready to fight if need be. Luckily, the guys' friends pulled their friend out of the bar after an intense staredown between Bones and the guy.

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