Amy's cousin Amanda Rieger Green is a psychic and Bobby Bones had her on The Bobby Bones Show to do a live reading of his life. Amanda has people all over the world come to her for her 'Solepathology' and 'Wise Skies' that you can check out here.

Once Bones picked up the phone, things were off. Amanda immediately went into saying that a huge part of Bones life has been about responsibility and putting other people first. At this time in his life, he is starting to redefine the responsibility roles in his life. She went on to further say that 2019 is going to challenge him more than any other year because he will have to make a lot of big decisions that particularly pertain to his career.

During the call, Bones asked some questions of his own to find out the answers, here are those:

  • Am I going to get a girlfriend this year? No. This year is more about you and a greater you. When he does - she will come towards the end of this year, it's someone he doesn't know and she isn't famous.
  • Will I ever have a drink of alcohol? Probably not. Too much of a control freak.
  • Will I get a dog? He needs to get a dog. Dogs come back - you will know when the right dog shows up.
  • Am I going to be super rich? You already are. Continue path of success. Keeping money flow (charitable ties) is good for him.
  • Will Bobby run for politics? I could see it happening. Will happen probably8 to 10 years. It's not on the immediate track. It's time to make some different big decisions this year.
  • Will the raging idiots put out another hit? Not this year.
  • Will I write another book? Yes.
  • Will I be Governor of Arkansas? Nope.
  • Will Bobby have kids? Yes.
  • Will I ever dance again on television? Sure he will.

Probably the biggest emotional tie though was when Amanda brought up those that were around him at the moment. She shared that he had all of these women around him, particularly his mother who is having lots of clarity and starting to understand her voice because of Bobby's success and the man he has become.

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