Like many people, my first job was probably cleaning my room. But how about that first paying job, outside the house and being compensated by someone other than family. Summer jobs offered the opportunity to get out and make some money.

The other day I asked on Facebook, what was your first job. The responses were pretty predictable. It was interesting to see that many had walked beans or 'tasseled' corn or picked rocks. It was also interesting to hear from many who pitched bales for that first job. (No gym membership necessary.)

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There were a couple though that caught my attention.

Robbi Edwards Delivering papers around my hometown 6 days a week, started when I was 7 and quit when I was started high school!  A few people even remember what it was they did with part of their first paycheck. Donald Weidler said; Cleaning the neighbor's milk barn - rode my bicycle there and bought a Timex wristwatch with the money.

My first job away from home was working at a little Ice Cream Shop called The Twister Drive Inn. I recall having to 'count back change' the customers and have to admit, when that place got busy you really had to hustle to keep up. The ice cream was great and I still think of people that I used to work with at the Twister.

As I read through the Facebook feed I noticed a lot of farm kids whose first job showed pride in 'not being afraid of physical hard work. Like Karon Kocer whose first job was cutting cockle burrs out of cornfields for neighbors. It was also neat to see folks who started out helping others at a young age like Barb Hirsch who worked in the Corsica nursing home kitchen.

First jobs can teach you a lot. You have to follow the marching orders of someone other than Mom or Dad. The responsibility of showing up on time and ready to work!

Thanks to everyone who added to the conversation. If you threw bales or walked beans a special shout out to you! You deserve extra credit for having to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts while you worked, that first Summer Job.

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