Having grown up on the farm in central South Dakota, I can't help looking out my window here in Sioux Falls and thinking about anyone anywhere in the area that has livestock. It's days like this you know that a large portion of our listening audience and followers on Facebook and Twitter really have their work cut out for them.

Earlier this morning we started out with a pretty good rain shower in Sioux Falls. If that's how it played out for those in the western portion of our listening area, things got interesting fast. Wet on the farm, and anywhere for that part means colder faster. And that presents challenges for livestock producers that are in the middle of calving season.

Technology has changed a lot of things, but when it comes to calving, a lot of the work is still done outside. In the elements. Today, as you sit in your warm office looking out the window, in your dry pants and warm clothing, remember your farmer-rancher friends who are out their today, and tonight, and tomorrow making sure their livestock is out of the elements the best they can be!

Here's to dry as can be, well fed and out of the wind!

By the way, to our producers, thank you for all you do. Thanks for supper!

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