Road hazards are a real threat. You certainly don't want to see the remnants of a blown-out semi tire laying on the interstate as you are barreling down the road at 80 miles per hour. Then you have to watch out for animals. I've hit a few deer in my driving career and it's a scary experience. I know someone who struck a horse that was just standing on the road in Turner County. He was lucky to walk away from that.

But what about cattle? South Dakota leads the country in the cattle per person ratio. For every one person, there are more than 4 cows, so there is a real chance you could come upon a bunch of cattle crossing the road. Now, what happens when those cows are strolling across Interstate 29 while you are cruising toward them at 80+ mph? You better think fast and have your seat belt on.

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This is the exact scenario that played out early Saturday morning in Brookings County. Dakota News Now reports that 90 head of cattle got out of a pen and some of them found their way onto the interstate.

The Brookings County Sherriff's Office and the South Dakota Highway Patrol responded to a report of a car vs. cow collision on I-29 just north of Brookings around 1:30 am. While deputies were on the scene, five more vehicles struck the wayward cattle.

Authorities say six vehicles and 12 cattle were involved in collisions.

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