Remember a time before Smartphones? How about a time before Cell Phones, you know, the kind that weren't all that smart, but by golly you could make a telephone call on?

Well, depending on your age, maybe you do and maybe you don't.

Now of course, everyone has a smartphone. How many times have you walked down a sidewalk, or maybe a hallway, and almost had someone walk into you because, well, they're looking at their smartphone. (Or maybe it was you that almost walked into them?)

Well, too much of a good thing is, apparently, not a good thing.

According to research funded by the National Institute of Health, children who use screens for seven hours or more a day are showing signs their brain cortex is thinning prematurely.

Now, I have to admit I didn't even know I had a 'brain cortex', never mind that I don't want it thinning. So what does that mean?

Well, the researchers scanned the brains of 4,500 children and are in the process of following more than 11,000 9-10 year olds over the course of a decade.

Ok, ok...but what's the bottom line?

Researchers have determined that kids who spend more than 2 hours daily on the screen(s) score lower on thinking and language tests.

So, to me, it appears less might be more in regards to smartphones.


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