Who hasn't accidentally butt-dialed someone before?

It's embarrassing and having to come up with an excuse or finding out how much the other person on the other end of the call heard is awkward, to say the least.

However, The Lincoln County Sheriff's office has been receiving more accidental calls from 'cup holders and back pockets' from quite a few iPhones lately. So much so that they posted this to their Facebook page earlier today, July 30.

As the Facebook post points out the buttons on either side of the newer iPhones are what is causing the issue.

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Guaranteed in an emergency you should be able to easily call emergency operators, but not as easily as when two side buttons being simultaneously pressed alone initiates the call.

I could almost see taking a phone case on and off being an issue with calling 911 as well.

But either way, iPhone users should change this setting just in case your phone manages to be in an area or situation where both the power button and the top volume button could be pressed.

And it's also a good point that was made in the Facebook post that if you or a child ever call 911 accidnetly please,

"stay on the line with the dispatcher and simply let them know it was a misdial. You will never get into trouble for a misdial, but you can reduce the time spent for dispatchers to resolve the call by letting us know"-The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.


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