Hudson, South Dakota.  Not many people have been there, (other than those) who live there.  It's mostly because of it's location.  It's tucked right next to the Big Sioux River off the beaten path in extreme southeast Lincoln County and because of that it's 'perfect' for the people who love the small town and live there.

I've got a soft spot in my heart for Hudson, SD.  As many of you know I'm an avid bowhunter.  In my early years of hunting, I stumbled across an old guy whose name was Oliver Sorley from Hudson. He lived just outside of town by himself in a home he'd boarded off and lived pretty much in a small section of the house.  He lived simply.  Sleeping on an old army cot.  He worked on cars and mowers.  He had an old car that he claimed had over 700 thousand miles on it.

You don't run across old boys like Oliver unless you stumble onto great towns like Hudson.  Once while I was down, he invited me and my two boys in to talk.  He even showed them some medals he had 'earned in the war.'

Oliver used to say, 'yes you can hunt, but you're on your own.' If you fall out of a tree, I'm not coming to get you. You'll just have to die down there.'

He had a beautiful place.  It's since been sold and I miss Oliver, but one of the neat things is I still get to go through Hudson.

Sometimes I stop into the gas station across from the elevator just to buy a diet coke and feel like I'm in from a small town again.  Recently I did a pheasants Forever banquet for Lincoln County that we had in the new Hudson town building.  It was no surprise when I found those people to be just as friendly as Oliver.

Hudson, teams up with Alcestor to get kids the education they'll need and they team up with one of the most perfect places along the river to build a house and live in a small town.  Hudson, SD...our small town of the day.

The Buckaroo or Waddy's are a couple great places to stop in for a bite to eat...and if someone would help me on Facebook as to the name of the station on the corner across from the elevator I'd like that too.

Here's a salute to you, Hudson, South Dakota...our Small Town of the Day.