Some of the Small Towns of the Day we've been talking about are so close to the main interstates and yet seem so far away.  Montrose, South Dakota is one of those small towns.

One of the landmarks that you're close to Montrose, is right along the interstate.

The Porter Sculpture Park is located outside the Montrose community, not far from I-90. Inside the park there sit 50 giant metal creatures designed by welding extra metal junk together. Of these 50 there is a 60-foot-tall (18 m) longhorn, a giant pink rocking horse, and a magic dragon. It is an example of one man's view of the world.  It's one of a kind and worth a look as you head by.

Sarah Weber MONTROSE Told us recently on our Facebook page-

Home of the Fighting Irish. Wellington Browns Steak House, Irish Pub Family Cafe, Office Bar, and General Store. Also has one of the best swimming holes around.  Spud Fest days (town celebration) and an All School


Montrose...Home of the Irish is a bedroom community to Sioux Falls.  Many people, live there and work in the city.  It's  a great way to take advantage of both small town, and bigger town living.

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Pic by Grader Man
Pic by Grader Man

Oh Yeah!  Grader Man lives in Montrose.  He calls the radio station almost every day. How could we forget him! Grader man was upset because he usually drives a Cat Grader, but was in a John Deere today when we asked him to send a pic.  This bad boy doesn't have air but Grader man says he doesn't mind.  Note that he has his jug in cab and windows open.  Definitely ready for a hot July afternoon keeping the gravel roads of Montrose, South Dakota smooth.


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