Ready or not, it's back!

Road construction season on South Dakota's interstates has officially kicked off.

Every spring we know it's coming, but we're not exactly sure where the delays will be and just how many miles of our journies will be impacted.

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I-90 Construction
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The first project of the season from the South Dakota Department of Transportation is improvements to the westbound lanes of Interstate 90 Humboldt and Salem.

The project includes recycling the existing surfacing, placement of 11.5 inches of new concrete surfacing with asphalt shoulders, reconstruction of two bridges, rehabilitation of two additional bridges, replacement of culverts, and regrading of low-lying areas.

Two-way traffic will be used in the eastbound lanes during the reconstruction of the westbound lanes that will continue until the project is completed in mid-November.

During the construction, the westbound on and off-ramps at exit 368 (Canistota), exit 364 (U.S. Highway 81, Salem), and exit 374 (Montrose) will be closed until asphalt surfacing is complete.

Eastbound ramps will not be affected during the project.

The prime contractor on this $37.5 million project is Michels Road & Stone, Inc. of Brownsville, WI.

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