We all remember how cold poor Bernie Sanders looked on inauguration day. So much so that he wore those now-famous Vermont mittens and sat in that black folding chair all bundled up.

Memes of Bernie circulated the internet for several days in the aftermath of that day back in January.

But now a local South Dakota business is turning the well-known Bernie pose into a fundraising opportunity for the Humbolt Fire and Ambulance services to help offset the cost of a new ambulance according to Dakota News Now.

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All Scale Miniatures, a locally owned Humbolt business, is making plastic miniature Bernie figurines that sit four inches tall which they call “Bernie on a Journey”.

The plan is to sell at least 100 Bernie figurines. Customers can choose if they would like a hand-painted Bernie done by local Humboldt artist Cheryl Bowen, or they can also buy an unpainted figurine.

People can buy their Bernies by ordering on the All Scale Miniatures website for $25.

From each sale, $20 will be given to the Humboldt Fire and Ambulance services to help offset the cost of a new ambulance that was recently purchased.

"The goal is to raise $2,500. If you’re interested in purchasing “Bernie on a Journey”.The business would also love to see photos of all the places people put their Bernie figurine. Staff say to think of it like Elf on a Shelf. You can share those photos on their Facebook page here"- Dakota News Now.

Source: Dakota News Now

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