Sometimes, a smile is all it takes. A smile and a 'how's it going' can go a long way. Some days, you might just pick up a little something that you smile at and ask. Now, this story, the story about a snowplow driver named Brian here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota caught our attention. Big time.

According to a post on Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken's Facebook Page,  'Brian' was driving a snowplow for the city of Sioux Falls. While he was clearing the roads to make for a safer, quicker commute during a recent snowstorm, Brian Rypkema noticed a man standing on a bridge. But something didn't look quite right. So Rypkema did something many people might have skipped. He stopped. Yep, he stopped his plow and asked the would-be jumper if they were alright.

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For whatever reason, this person, very distraught was very much considering jumping off the bridge into oncoming traffic. Rypkema contacted authorities and stayed and talked with the individual until help arrived.

Here's the cool part. Had Mayor Paul TenHaken not heard about it from The Sioux Falls Police Department, it might have gone unnoticed. Mayor TenHaken posted it on his Facebook Page and LOADS of people responded.

It's been a tough year. Keep an eye out for your neighbors and friends who might be riding the struggle bus this year. Who knows, you could be doing more to help someone than you think.

As soon as I find out 'Brian's last name I'll update the story. In the meantime, here's the post from Mayor TenHaken's Facebook page.

During a recent snowstorm, one of our street employees, Brian, noticed a man ready to take his own life by jumping off a...

Posted by Paul TenHaken on Friday, March 19, 2021

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