When you're cruising through garage sales this spring, keep an eye out for these toys. Since the height of their popularity, they have become a collector's dream and could be worth mega-bucks.

And you will definitely remember these and more than likely, owned some of them.

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    Garbage Pail Kids

    Did you collect Garbage Pail Kids cards in the 80s? Some packs could be worth hundreds.

    Look for: Adam Bomb. One card recently sold for $4,000 on Ebay.

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    Hot Wheels

    I wish I had all of my Hot Wheels cars back. I'm sure they got tossed along the way but if you still have some or find some at a garage sale, pick 'em up.

    Look for: 1968 Cheetah Base Python or the 1969 pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb.

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    Beanie Babies

    Beanie Babies have become even more popular with collectors looking for just the right ones.

    Look for: The Princess Diana Beanie Baby, or the most valuable one, the Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant selling for $5,000!

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    PEZ Dispensers

    Old PEZ Dispensers can go for big bucks. It's hard to tell which ones are valuable but some can bring in big bucks.

    Look for: Astronaut B (yeah...I never heard of it either) but it brought in $32,000 on eBay!

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    Ah yes, the original Furby can go for mega-money.

    Look for: The original Furby in the original box can fetch $900.

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    Game Boy

    Collectors are always looking for a vintage Game Boy. If you find one, pick it up. They can go for up to $1,000 on eBay

    Look for: Vintage Game Boy that was gold crusted with diamonds. Valued at $25,000!

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    Tamagotchis, the keychain egg that was a high school craze is now worth a pile of cash. These "pets" are making a comeback but...

    Look for: an original still-in-the-box Tamagotchis and you could be sitting on a $3,000 egg!

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    Barbie Dolls

    Most Barbie Dolls have ended up taking the wrong end of a Tonka Truck in the sandbox. But if you've got - or found - originals in a box, buy it.

    Look for: 1959 Vintage Barbie, recently valued at $23,000.

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    We could have never resisted the urge to keep a Transformers action figure in the box. These things needed out and we were right there to help them bust out of their plastic prison. BUT...if you kept it in the box, your patience and willpower paid off.

    Look for: Unopened 1980s Transformers action figures of all kinds. They're going for $2,000.

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    G.I. Joe

    While girls were playing with Barbie Dolls, boys were planning on blowing it up with a G.I. Joe. Boys, right?

    Look for: The Missile Command Center for a $15,000 payday.