No major holidays this month? No problem. You can still find a number of items deeply discounted during the month of April. So whether these items are needed or wanted, saving money is always, always, a good thing.

March, according to Consumer Reports (CR), is the month that retailers use to rid themselves of last year's models of - just about everything. That could mean substantial savings for you, especially if you're a savvy shopper.

Seasonal items are particularly affordable as stores begin to put their spring items on sale. As with any item, let your budget be your guide and be willing to negotiate. There is no product you cannot talk about a better deal on.

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You just have to be a bit courageous when bringing it up. You might get strange looks initially, but stick with your plan, it quite often works. I once bought a refrigerator for my mom which was already on sale, but I remembered the advice from CR.

I asked for a better deal, the salesman said they never bargained on their appliances because their prices were rock bottom. I said that I could write him a check for "X amount" or I could leave the store and look elsewhere. Guess which one he chose.

In any case here are a few items on sale this month:

Source: Consumer Reports

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