Could you put down your devices for 24 hours? I mean all tech, for an entire day. Sounds easier than it probably would be. What if someone paid you $2400 to give scrolling finger a break, would you do it then? is looking to pay a Digital Detox Challenger $100 per hour to go 24 hours without technology. This is called a "challenge" because of the statics stacked against you.

According to, 75% of Americans say they are addicted to their phones and I would definitely put myself in that group. The average person checks their phone every nine minutes or about 160 times per day. And we spend almost 57 hours per week watching TV.

That's a lot of media!

If you catch yourself re-watching old sitcoms for the 20th time or if you get anxious when your phone's battery is down to 2% and there isn't a charger around, then you might be the perfect candidate for this challenge.

The chosen candidate will be required to disconnect from all personal technology for 24 hours, emergencies excluded. That means no cell phone, no TV, no gaming consoles or handheld games, no computers, no smartwatches, and no smart home devices. But they do allow you to use a microwave because a person's gotta eat!

To fill all the extra time, the challenger will get a tech-less care package including a typewriter (do they still exist?), board games, writing stationery, an abacus to replace your phone's calculator, books and paint, and brushes to get your Picasso on.

Applications will be accepted until March 26, 2021. The challengers will be announced on March 29.

More details and the application are here. Good luck!



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