Two private schools in Sioux Falls have been asked to repaint city-owned snow plow blades after a group complained about student artwork with religious themes.

Students at Lutheran High School and Sioux Falls Lutheran School had painted the plows for the city's 'Paint the Plows' program.

The Sioux Falls Free-Thinkers complained saying religious messaging doesn't belong on publicly owned vehicles, including snow plows.

Siouxland Freethinkers board member Eric Novotny told the Argus Leader, "That was a clear endorsement of religion, and it was on city property. There was no talk of any lawsuit at all. Not from us."

Amanda Novotny added "It would have no business on a plow, I would never do it, but if I painted a plow that said 'There is no god,' I think people would be very, very upset about that."

The city offered to allow the schools to create new artwork for the plows, but Lutheran High School said there was not enough time. The artwork will be painted over by the city. No word on Sioux Falls Lutheran School.

Lutheran High School via Facebook