If you're in the Sioux Falls area and you hear the words "paint the plow", you know that winter is right around the corner. At least we can have a little fun with these vital pieces of equipment before they go head-to-head moving around all that white stuff.

That fun comes by having students from Sioux Falls area schools get creative with a piece of winter equipment that otherwise wouldn't get a second glance on the street; the business end of a snowplow.

I wish these creations would survive the tough winter, but the good thing is by this time next year, we will have a fresh slate of plows ready for another round of creative designs.

It was a tough vote, but the City of Sioux Falls has announced the winners of the 2021 'Paint the Plow' contest.

Out of 21 total schools, the top three are:

  • 3rd: All City Elementary - ‘Ice’
  • 2nd: Westside Christian - ‘Mt Pushmore’ 
  • 1st: Sioux Falls Christian - ‘Baby Snowda’ 

The voting was broken down into three groups. You can see each entry by clicking here.

Group one:

  • All-City Elementary
  • Anne Sullivan Elementary Kids Inc.
  • Ben Reifel Middle School
  • Eugene Field Elementary
  • Fred Assam Elementary
  • Frontier Elementary
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran School
  • Harvey Dunn Elementary Kids Inc.
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Group two:

  • Hawthorne Kids Inc
  • Hayward Elementary Kids Inc.
  • JFK Kids Inc
  • McCrossans Boy's Ranch
  • O'Gorman High
  • O'Gorman Junior High
  • Patrick Henry Middle School
  • Sioux Falls Christian

Group three:

  • Sioux Falls Lutheran School
  • Sonia Sotomayor Kids Inc
  • St Michaels School
  • Susan B Anthony Kids Inc
  • Westside Christian

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If you've traveled the east side of Sioux Falls you've probably noticed the progress in the school's construction. It is located at Faith Ave. on the cites east side just northeast of Harmodon Park off 41st Street.

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