Raymundo recently went to the mall in Nashville and says he got snubbed by a celebrity that we all know.

While he was shopping with his wife, Raymundo saw celebrity/comedian John Crist. He had two shopping bags, but no one else was with him. Raymundo shared that he shouted at Crist "Hey, you're John Crist!" And after saying that, Crist just walked by them not acknowledging them. Raymundo says it felt like a snub from Crist, however, Bobby Bones said that sometimes people make celebrities feel like caged animals in a zoo rather than a human. In this instance, Bones thinks Raymundo probably should have said something else like a "hi, how are you?" rather than shouting his name at him.

Raymundo agreed that he should have probably said something else, but still felt the whole interaction was a little awkward with no acknowledgment from Crist.

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