The last few years I have found yoga to be one of the best things added to my life routine.

Yoga seems to keep my body from needing visits to specialists to repair all the sitting and the regular workouts.

I'm a fan of the traditional yoga classes, and the occasional hot yoga high intensity class.

Over the last few years there has been an increase of what I would describe as "themed yoga classes".

You can find yoga classes with goats, cat yoga, and today I saw Rage Yoga!

From a Fox 35 Orlando story:

The yoga sessions would include beer breaks and dropping the “F” bomb. Swearing, yelling and alcohol are all to help people release frustration in a healthy way, according to the Rage Yoga class instructors.

Three Rage Yoga locations are open. Two are in Canada: Calgary and Edmonton. The only U.S. location that is currently open is in Houston, Texas.

So we are going to have to take a road trip if you want to try a legitimate Rage Yoga class. Or we can just roll out our mats and let out an F Bomb from the comfort of our living rooms.

Sources: Fox 35 Orlando

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