What comes after the closing of the Pomp Room, the greatest rock n' roll bar in South Dakota history? How about a documentary in it's full, unedited, raunchy glory?

According to the Argus Leader, Documentarians Jesse Yost and Austin Kaus are hoping to have it ready by December of this year - 20 years after the closing of the Pomp Room.

"The Pomp Room hosted chaotic shows for all ages with squishy carpet and no natural light. The happenings both onstage and backstage have become legend. Now, it's time to tell the full story." - The Pomp Room - The Documentary

I, along with great friends, have spent more time than we probably should have in the iconic bar. There was no other place we'd rather watch live music than the Pomp Room. From Violet to Janitor Bob and the Armchair Cowboys, the Glory Holes, Wakefield, and more, the lights trying to cut through the smoke-filled dance area was all part of the experience.

Who could forget the night when Aerosmith showed up after their concert at the Sioux Falls Arena?

The official Facebook Page of the project gives great updates and is looking for any and all photographs and video you may have to add to the film.

Until then, we've got the trailer - and it's glorious.

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