I think Sioux Falls should take a page out of the playbook of what's happening in Lincoln, Nebraska to help our local breweries, bars, and restaurants. Check this out.

A kind man by the name of Nick Tarlowski wanted to help local businesses knowing full well they're are struggling under these new and unusual circumstances that 2020 dished out. He had the brilliant idea of starting $100 bar tabs throughout the city of Lincoln and called his effort “Give and Let Live.”

All customers could show up and accept the $100 -- or pay it forward to help out the next person. Sure enough -- most customers paid the bill forward, with the tabs rising to hundreds of dollars for the next customers to take advantage of. Imagine being the last person in the bar with that bottle of Pappy Van Winkle on the shelf.

Amazingly, there are already tabs worth $3,200 going at different restaurants with more people lined up to add to it or draw from it if in need. Either way, people are taking notice.

This is a great "snowball effect" in motion. A simple $100 investment is growing and making people happy in a year that was filled with gloom and doom.

Well done, Nick! I hope that this act of kindness spreads faster than the virus. Our local business like this could certainly use the boost.

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