We have an update to this post.  According to Trooper Andrew Steen's Facebook page,  Trooper Steen was strong enough for doctors to proceed with ankle surgery, which they performed.

People and prayers are both coming together for Trooper Steen and his family.

Here's another way you can help. Next Monday, October 29th, the Sioux Falls Taco John's locations are donating 50% of their breakfast proceeds to Trooper Steen and his family.  Please stop in that morning and order something.  Your small purchase when combined with others could make a huge difference in the life of a brave Trooper and his family.


If you’re an officer of the law, you really don’t know what will happen the next time you flip on the flashing lights and siren to stop a vehicle.   Such was the case with South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Andrew Steen.

Early Wednesday morning, Trooper Steen was severely injured in the line of duty carrying out his sworn duty to the people of this community and to South Dakota: To Protect and To Serve.

Trooper Steen was trying to make a stop early Wednesday morning when the driver sat through a green light and then drove over the center line.  A chase ensued when the driver did not pull over.

According to an affidavit in support of the arrest, "Trooper Steen approached Coleman's car from the front with his weapon drawn toward the Malibu's windshield. Steen then yelled verbal commands for Coleman to get out of the vehicle.

That is when Coleman allegedly accelerated into Steen and he fired his service weapon towards the Chevy Malibu.

Coleman's vehicle accelerated so quickly that it left acceleration marks on the pavement while striking Trooper Steen. Shots were fired by Lincoln County Deputies during the course of these events."

Following a successful surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, Trooper Steen remains in critical condition.  Colonel Craig Price said in a statement,  "Andrew is receiving the best possible care, and he has the full support and prayers of not only his family and friends but also of everyone in the South Dakota Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety,'' Price said. "His family and the Patrol have been gratified by the outpouring of public support, and we continue to ask for good thoughts and prayers for our trooper in his recovery.''

While I am sad that Trooper Steen was critically injured in the line of duty,  I am extremely proud that he chose to put himself in harm's way.  I am proud of the fact that he wanted a career in law enforcement and that there are many, many men and women just like him in South Dakota who have taken the oath to protect and to serve.

A Caring Bridge page has been established for those wishing to offer support and prayers for Trooper Steen and his family, along with a Facebook page.

A fund for Trooper Steen's family has been established at Wells Fargo Bank.  Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank in the United States.