I'm going to say first off, that the findings of this 'research' are wrong, in my opinion.

According to Zippia, South Dakota's favorite drunk fast food is Burger King. Don't get me wrong, Burger King is great, sometimes a Whopper just hits the spot. However, I have to argue that South Dakota's Favorite drunk fast food (and really just the best fast food in general) is Taco John's. Everybody knows that! Amirite?

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This begs the question, how did Zippia come to this conclusion. Well, they looked at Google search trends on the biggest drinking days of the year, like New Year's Eve and Fourth of July.  Interesting.

Other findings from this 'research include:

  • McDonald's.  It's #1 in 22 states.
  • Burger King, 14 states.
  • Wendy's, four states.  (Mississippi, Ohio, West Virginia, and Montana.)
  • Waffle House, three states.  (Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.) Excuse me, isn't Waffle House dine-in/sit-down. Not exactly fast food. I do love Waffle House though. Just pointing out another flaw in this 'research'.
  • Jack in the Box, three states.  (Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.)

Wyoming is the only state where Taco Bell ranked #1. Surprising right? I would have thought Taco Bell would be top 5, easy.

Three other fast food joints also got one state:  In-N-Out Burger in California, Whataburger in Texas, and Denny's is #1 in Alaska.

Our neighbors Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota were all McDonald's lovers.

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