On a hunting trip to South Dakota, author Craig Ewald listened intently as a group of friends retold the eerie story of Jody - a girl who disappeared in the middle of the night from her farm house near Red Elm, South Dakota.  Years later, he felt compelled to tell the story.

The book, set in the early 1900s, is told in the perspective of Ralph, a young boy who embarks on an incredible mission to find out what happened to Jody, the young and beautiful daughter of a wealthy rancher.

The novel, which kept me up late more than one night, begins at a county fair where an older Ralph has a series of flashbacks and few mysterious revelations with the help of a traveling fortune teller.

The book winds through a series of strange events which includes bloodhounds, a terrifying encounter in the woods, burning torches, and a gold locket.

Only Jody Knows masterfully tells the story of what is one of South Dakota's strangest and tragic cold cases yet. You will love this book.

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