I came upon this heartfelt plea on Reddit and thought I would share this story. Apparently, it's considered a cold case and is no longer an active case. The poster on Reddit is known as "twittchhh" and has laid out what he or she knows about the case.

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Internet sleuthing is popular and perhaps someone knows something about this case. It happened in 1978 in Sioux Falls. Here's the post:

Maybe you can help solve the murder of Wilma June Nissen. My biological mother. from SouthDakota

Some of the responses have been helpful but it looks like the case isn't about to re-open.

There was a major development in 2016 when Lyon County Chief Deputy Jerry Birkey announced that they had a suspect. “Our suspect was an escort, a prostitute, a dancer, who liked to rob other escorts, prostitutes, and dancers,” KSFY News, May 2, 2016.

For a deeper analysis of the case, visit Iowa Clod Cases.

If anyone has any information please respond to this thread on Reddit or contact local law enforcement to make a call to Crime Stoppers of the Sioux Empire at 605-367-7007. Crime Stoppers even has an unsolved case page where you can submit an anonymous tip.

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