Sioux Falls Police are looking for information to help solve a 42-year-old missing person case with suspicious circumstances.

Ellabeth Mae Lodermeier was reported missing on March 7, 1974, by her estranged husband, Gene Lodermeier. Ellabeth was last seen at her residence at 305 North Indiana Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, by her husband the evening of March 6, 1974.

Gene, who has since passed away, is considered a person-of-interest in her disappearance. Police are looking for any details related to Ellabeth’s disappearance, or any unusual habits or activity that Gene may have had in the past.

Both Ellabeth and Gene traveled throughout the region including all of South Dakota, northwest Iowa, and southwest Minnesota.

On March 7, 1974, after Ellabeth failed to show up for work, her fellow employees and her husband went to her home. There they found the house locked and Ellabeth’s car in the driveway. A partially eaten pizza and flour spilled on the kitchen floor were found inside the home. Ellabeth’s purse and jacket were missing.

On September 20, 1974, Ellabeth’s credit cards were found in the women’s bathroom at the Canadian National Railway in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. The cards were reportedly turned in by a woman in her 50’s. A check of the Dauphin area turned up no evidence that Ellabeth had ever been there.

On April 26, 1992, Ellabeth’s wallet containing her checkbook and credit cards were found in a hole along the river banks of the Big Sioux River in the area of Highway 42 and South Riverview Avenue.

Ellabeth was last seen wearing a blue pea coat, blue shirt, and blue jeans. Ellabeth was 5’1” tall, 105 pounds with light brown hair and green eyes.

Ellabeth’s disappearance is considered suspicious in nature. Anyone with any information on the disappearance of Ellabeth is asked to contact Detective Pat Mertes by mail: 320 West Fourth Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104; email:; phone: (605) 978-6797; or contact Crime Stoppers Sioux Empire at 1-877-367-7007 if you wish to remain anonymous.

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