Before there were 'Hunger Games', 'Divergent', and 'Gone', there was a terrifying series of books by V.C. Andrews that had kids and teens talking. I remember students in my grade school being placed on waiting lists for the latest dark and twisted novels that usually involved children.

The most talked about and widely read book by Andrews, 'Flowers in the Attic', was published in 1979. I read it that year through a few sleepless nights as did nearly everyone else in my 7th grade.

The story is about four children who are locked up and mistreated in their rich grandparents’ mansion while their creepy and deceitful mother (who would never win a Mom-of-the-Year award) tries to win an inheritance in her incest-filled life.

A movie was release in 1987 but was widely considered a flop, never really harnessing the emotion of the children and giving them a weak voice while dealing with their anger and emotions.

Now, Lifetime television is about to air the original adaptation in it's raw, emotional, incestuous detail it deserves.

Flowers In The Attic" debuts on Sat., Jan. 18 on Lifetime. Check out the trailer below.

Lifetime is so confident, it has committed to the sequel, Petals On The Wind.