The movies keep coming to Minnesota and now you have another chance to get in on the action! There's another movie filming in the Northland as we speak and the production is looking for a ton of extras for a special scene.

The movie is called Athens and it is filming in Ely. If you want a little adventure or happen to live in the area, this is your chance to take part in some movie magic. Magic will be made on Thursday (May 25th) as the production films a "Fourth of July" scene in the local park.

For this particular scene, they are looking for more than one hundred extras to hang out in the background. Given the fact that it is a holiday weekend, you may be even more inclined to take part and get a little vacation in as well. They are looking for people of all ages. You can attend alone, with a group or with your family.

You do need to dress the part, wearing red, white, and blue in true Fourth of July fashion. Even though it isn't too warm in the Northland just yet, you will have to fake it and wear summer gear, including jean shorts, shirts tank tops, or anything with short sleeves. You are asked to wear muted tones rather than super bright versions of red, white, or blue.

You are also asked to avoid any clothing with logos bigger than a quarter, according to the casting call. Extras are also asked to bring three different outfits in case doesn't work out. In true Minnesota fashion, you are also asked to bring layers. A light jacket, jean jacket, cover-up or hoodie are also recommended.

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Costumes will be checked and approved before you are allowed to be a background extra. You should also bring items to make yourself comfortable, like a water bottle, chair and blanket. You should also bring snacks in case you are on set for awhile.

If you are interested in being a star, you are asked to email by Wednesday evening. You will receive details prior to showing up on set Thursday. Check your spam folder so you don't miss anything!

This is the second casting call for the Northland this month alone. Earlier this month, locals were asked to head to Bayfront Festival Park three nights in a row as they turned the popular space into a fake holiday market. This was part of another movie that was filming around Duluth called Rescuing Christmas.

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