Every generation has a favorite 'thing' I suppose. Whether it be a movie, TV show, toy, car, song...you name it, if you're of a certain generation, you all shared that favorite 'thing'.

And books. (You remember books, they had pages you had to turn, you dog-eared the page you were on, you couldn't put it down if it was really, really good).

For you Generation Xer's, there's one book and one author that immediately pops in your just-beginning-to-gray-a-bit head. One book that you for sure read cover to cover with a cabbage patch kid by your side, and then told all your friends they absolutely had to read it cover to cover.

It was 'Flowers In The Attic'. And everyone knew who wrote it, V.C. Andrews.

You remember the Dollanganger clan. An interesting group, to say the least. The kids (or the flowers, if you will) live in an attic. These days 'Flowers In The Attic' might be called a Gothic novel, but I'm not sure it was called that back then.

Generation X just called it a page-turner, with a surprise (and usually a very weird surprise) on just about every page or two.

Cathy, Chris, Carrie and Cory, those were the kids, the flowers. And the imaginary world they created in that attic was...memorable. The ending is...well, in case you don't remember, I won't spoil it.

'Flowers In The Attic' was such a massive Generation X smash, the sequels followed, and chances are you read them, too. ' Petals On The Wind', 'If There Be Thorns', 'Seeds Of Yesterday', and 'Garden of Shadows'.

Did you read them all? Or did you finally tire of the family and move on to other things?

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