South Dakota is still chopped liver to President Obama!

This news comes on the heels that this week Mr. Obama plans to knock off yet another state he has failed to visit since being elected president, when he makes a stop in South Carolina on Friday.

The last time Obama visited South Carolina was during the primary campaign in 2008 when he and Hillary Rodham Clinton fiercely fought for the state's black voters.

U.S. Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina says President Obama will visit Benedict College in Columbia on Friday.

Clyburn says, "I'm pleased to welcome President Barack Obama back to South Carolina."

Clyburn also thanked the Benedict College family for hosting President Obama's event with students and youth leaders.

Obama's visit to South Carolina on Friday, will leave just two states left on his bucket list to knock off before he leaves office in January of 2017. Those states are Utah, and South Dakota.

You know what that means, he's just leaving the best for last, right?

I'm sure Mr. Obama will circle back and sneak in South Dakota right under the wire before he rejoins civilian life again. He and the family are probably planning a whole Black Hills tourist trap vacation experience. You know, the Faces, the Badlands, Wall Drug, the 1880 Train, Trout Haven, the big ones!

Source: The Tribune